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Bled | 54 km

Let your breath be taken away by the view and visi tof the incredible small island in the middle of lake Bled.

Piran | 120 km

The seaside jewel of the Slovenian coast, where a cozy atmosphere meets sturdy architecture make every waking moment unique.

Postonjska cave | 54 km

The most famous cave attraction in Slovenia, where you will find unbelieveable sights in the infinite underground darkness.

Triglav national park

The biggest and most important Slovenian national park, offers breathtaking views and experiences of pure, untouched nature.


The second biggest Slovenian city is a proud home to the oldest wine grape in the world and they boast a strong history of cultural events and sights.

Park Škocjanske jame

Follow underground waters on an unforgettable journey through Škocjan caves, where you will have a hard time believing your eyes every step of the way.

Camper stop & Village Lipa | Ljubljana

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